WebHub Browser 1.0.12

WebHub Browser 1.0.12



Size:2.5 MB

Date Added:06 October, 2014

Author: Masanori Mikawa

Category: Mobile  >  Utilities



WebHub is a web browser that can launch other apps by tap the link.
It also supports movie downloader and Greasemonkey compatible UserScript.
iOS7 supported.

[The main functions]

1. URL Rewrite
URL Rewrite is a function which rewrites specific URL to other URL.
It can be set up by rewriting URL to other app's URL scheme. In this case, the app will open the rewrited URL.

2. Download
You can download any type files (such as picture, movie, PDF and more) from the web.
The downloaded file can be display off-line or can be saved on a camera roll.
You can download the movie from the movie site such as YouTube.

3. Finger Gesture
WebHub recognize finger and shake gesture.
You can bind browser actions to the gesture.

4. UserScript
WebHub supports Greasemonkey compatible UserScript.

5. Tabs
You can open the unlimited number of browser tabs.
The number of maximum tabs and tab expiring time are configurable.
You can switch the tabs by swiping the browser screen to right or left.

6. Browser extensions
Fast scrolling and Auto pager browser extensions are available.

7. AdBlock
An advertisement can be made undisplayed by AdBlock filter.
It hide the screen following banner from browser.

8. Bookmark
Bookmarklet and SendTo bookmark (the original bookmark shortcut format of WebHub) is supported.
The SendTo bookmark can open from action sheet and long pressing the URL links.
Bookmarks can be imported from PC via iTunes.

9. Search Engine
WebHub supports the customizable search engines.
You can open other app with the search query if you setting up the search engine with the app's URL scheme.

10. History
WebHub records the search query history and displayed URL history.

11. Password Complement
WebHub saves the entered passwords.
When the same page is opened again, a password is complemented automatically.

12. Simple UI
Mobile Safari like simple UI is adopted and full screen mode is supported.

13. Skin
You can be set up wallpaper picture in the camera roll to the skin of a browser.

14. User-Agent
User-Agent is customizable.
It can also change into User-Agent of the browser for PC.

15. URL Scheme
You can open the WebHub from any apps by webhub:, whttp: and whttps: URL schemes.

[A list of preset cooperation applications]

The cooperation with the following applications is preset.
Cooperation with other applications can also be set up freely.

- A URL rewrite / SendTo bookmark cooperation apps
* GoogleMaps (for iOS6)
* Twitter
** Twitter
** Tweetbot
** Echofon / Echofonpro
** Twittelator Pro
** Twitterrific / TwitterrificPremium
** Seesmic
** Togetter (disabled with default setting)
* Tumblr
** Tumblr
** Tumbletail
* Facebook (using social.framework)
* YouTube
** YouTube (disabled with default setting)
** FoxTube
** Tuber
** Jasmine
* Niconico Doga
** Niconico Doga
** Niconico Seiga
** iNico
** SmilePlayer
** eXstreamNico (disabled with default setting)
* Dailymotion
* Goodreader
* iFiles
* GPlayer
* OPlayer
* OPlayer Lite
* AcePlayer
* nPlayer
* Wikipedia
** Wikipanion / Wikipanion Pro
** Wikiamo
** Articles
** WikiEgg
** Wikibot
* 2ch
** BB2C
** GraffitiPot
** Twinkle
** 3tch
** 2tch
* Hatena Bookmark
* Pixitail
* Illustail
* evernote
** everwebclipper
** fastever
** postever
* Browser
** iCab Mobile
** Libing
** Chrome
** Sleipnir Mobile
** Sleipnir Black Edition
** Puffin
** Mercury
** iLunascape
* Mail
** Gmail
** Sparrow
* VoIP
** Skype
** 050 plus
** AGEphone
** SMARTalk
* Pastebot
* instapaper
* Sylfeed
* Cookpad
* Readability
* Domo Cue
* 1password

System Requirements: Requires iOS 5.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

Systems: iOS

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